Isle of Wight Festival Refunds

Isle of Wight Festival Refunds: 10th April


I am currently in the middle of processing refunds for everyone who has requested one.

Due to the current situation I am in the office on my own and I am processing each individual refund manually and working as quickly as possible to return money to people as I understand how important that is.

Processing will take up to 60 days, however we will do our very best to action all refunds as soon as the funds become available.  Please note emails asking when your refund will be done will not be answered as they only slow the process down.

As part of the buying process, anyone who purchased an Isle of Wight Festival 2020 ticket from TPIW was required to tick a box saying they agreed to ALL terms and conditions of TPIW and Isle of Wight Festival, a link was provided to Isle of Wight Festival T&Cs and TPIW T&Cs on our website.

Those T&Cs clearly state that in the event of cancellation or similar you would be refunded the face value of your ticket at the time of purchase or however much you had paid on Payment Plan, but ALL booking fees, admin fees and postage costs would be non-refundable.  Islander tickets are £11.00 booking Fee and weekend tickets are between £12 – 15 per ticket.  This along with postage, admin fees are 100% not refundable.

When the Festival was cancelled, we put several posts up on social media and sent out various mail-shots explaining the situation, and what anyone who wished a refund had to do; this also included all information regards fees etc being non-refundable.

Everyone has been offered the opportunity to roll over their tickets to Isle of Wight Festival 2021 at no added cost – an option which many have taken.

I wanted to try and answer any queries that have been raised also to assure you that TPIW are doing all possible under the circumstances.

As I am sure you will understand I am keen to process all refunds as quickly as possible for you all, so I will get back to doing so.

Unfortunately I cant reply to any further messages from you on this subject or any similar because my priority is refunding the people who have asked for one

Stay safe,

Karyn x