BeCalmed Wellbeing and Medi Spa, Cowes – Choice of Microneedling, Skin Tag, Red Vein, Glycolic Peel, IPL Hair Reduction, Genie Take Ten or Diamond Microdermabrasion – normally up to £216.00 deal price from £34.00

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  • Includes Genie Take 10, Dermapen & Skin Tag removal
  • Also includes Red Vein removal plus IPL treatments
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Many of us have skin care concerns, including acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks and skin tags.

Here are a collection of treatments which can help…

Today’s deal is Dermapen Microneedling for Acne, Scars or Stretchmarks, Skin Tag, Red Vein or Glycolic Peel, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Genie Take 10, IPL Hair Reduction or Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion @ BeCalmed Wellbeing & Medi Spa, Cowes, from only £34.00

The professionals at BeCalmed Wellbeing & Medi Spa have always been at the forefront of treatments and cutting-edge technology.

Now you can discover an array of the best packages they have to offer.

Choose from:

* New & Improved Microneedling – deal price £99.00…normally £145.00

We are pleased to introduce the new Dermapen Microneedling Device. The needle cartridge has 16 needles instead of 12 plus faster speed settings which means we can give an even more effective treatment. Combining this with Dermapen Dermaceuticals™ which are specifically designed & engineered to work with Microneedling procedures. The range uses active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Retinol, Antioxidants & Vitamin C. These active ingredients will enhance & add value to the skin & provide desired effects on the skin such as moisturisation, soothing, antiwrinkle, rejuvenation & sebum balancing

* IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Patch Test plus Three treatments – deal price £125.00…normally £167.00

With Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser treatments, you can treat the face & most body areas to improve the overall tone & texture of your skin, reducing the visible signs of ageing. It will also soften & firm your skin whilst plumping fine lines & wrinkles. IPL Skin Rejuvenation is particularly ideal for treating ageing skin, fine lines & wrinkles, brown spots/pigmentation, acne & acne scarring, rosacea & redness. Treatments need to be taken over a six week period

* Genie take 10 – Single Treatment deal price £34.00 or Course of Four Treatments – deal price £147.00…normally up to £196.00

As we get older our muscles shrink causing surrounding fat & tissue to take on a drooping appearance. With exercise & the right diet, we can generally keep our bodies in shape but the facial muscles have been more difficult to exercise until the advent of Genie Take Ten. By rebuilding the ageing muscle mass to its previous state, the face is fuller & benefits from a visible lift which can be retained with regular treatments. This full, healthier look also helps reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles

The benefits of the Genie Take Ten: • Medically proven patented technology • Instant results in just ten minutes • Skin texture and tone improves • Rebuilds tired sagging facial muscles and re-contours the face • Lifts the eyebrows • Softens lines and wrinkles • Lifts the corners of the mouth • Fills out the upper lip • Sharpens the jaw line • Helps reduce crepey neck

Course needs to be taken over a three week period

* Glycolic Peel Facial – Course of Three – deal price £135.00…normally £195.00

A unique resurfacing treatment that combines Glycolic Acid & pomegranate enzyme for optimum effect, leading to a softer, smoother & brighter complexion. Glycopeel focusses on deep cleaning & many levels of exfoliation. Glycopeel is ideal as an anti-ageing treatment working on sun-damage, pigmentation, premature ageing, but also works on dull, congested & acne prone skins. Our Glycolic acid is available in three strengths 10%, 20% & 30% from which our therapist will select the correct treatment for you. Please be advised that anyone who has not experienced Glycopeel with Lift before will always start on 10%

Course needs to be taken within a four week period

* Skin Tag Removal – deal price £35.00…normally £49.00

Utilising the principle of thermoesclerosis, an ultra-fast radio frequency of 27.12 MHz sends a pulse from the tip of a filament for precision & accuracy we can safely & quickly remove unwanted skin tags

* Red Vein – deal price £49.00…normally £65.00

Using a widely acclaimed device which has been developed by a leading vascular surgeon & uses the principle of thermoesclerosis, we can effectively treat unwanted red veins. An ultra-fast radio frequency of 27.12 MHz sends a pulse from the tip of a filament for precision and accuracy

Ideal for: • Blood Vessels • Spider Veins • Cherry Angiomas

* IPL Hair Reduction – Patch Test plus Course of Four – deal price £159.00…normally £216.00

IPL treatments target the hair & the light waves attract to the melanin in the hair & travel down the hair & destroy the follicle reducing & stopping hair growth

* Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion – deal price £35.00...normally £46.00

This package is available at Finishing Touches in Cowes. Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that gently removes dead skin cells on the uppermost surface of the skin. A small stainless-steel head that contains miniature diamond grain creates a very light abrasion &, as the head moves across the skin’s surface, a mild vacuum suction disposes of old skin cells. This suction also helps stimulate cellular renewal & collagen production. Abrasion levels can be adjusted according to your skin colour & type. The emergence of newer cells results in a more youthful-looking & brighter complexion. This is an incredibly popular & effective treatment that can be used on the face or body is best-loved for its immediate & long-lasting results

Ideal for treating: • Fine lines & Wrinkles • Pigmentation • Acne Scarring • Enlarged Pores & Dull Skin

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  • Please note Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion deal takes place at Finishing Touches
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