Health Diagnostic Lab – At Home Intolerance and Sensitivities Testing – normally up to £75.00 deal price from £19.00

  • Health Diagnostic Lab – At Home Intolerance and Sensitivities Testing – normally up to £75.00 deal price from £19.00


  • Get an intolerance test from Health Diagnostics
  • Unlock new information about your body
  • Choose between testing 150, 300 or 850 of the most common food & non-food items
  • Send in a sample of your hair & let science do the rest
  • The test results are delivered in a PDF where your intolerance’s & deficiencies are presented in a tabular form
  • Testing your sensitivities & intolerance’s
  • Take control of your body & help yourself however you can using the intolerance test

About this deal

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Are you experiencing headaches, nausea, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, skin diseases, or are you constantly feeling weary and tired?

These are just a few symptoms of intolerances and sensitivities…

Today’s deal Choice of Intolerance & Sensitivities Testing @ Health Diagnostic Lab, from only £19.00

Are you feeling like you’ve got a bit of a funny tummy? Are you putting up with a little too much inconvenience, pain and discomfort?

By now you may have noticed that something doesn’t feel quite right, you may not be able to stomach the foods you are used to eating, or you’ve already learned that something you eat or come into contact with ‘triggers’ you.

Then it may be time to have a look at getting an intolerance test done.

By using the latest technology with only a few strands of your hair Health Diagnostic Lab are able to test for components such as gluten, lactose, milk, wheat and egg along with a list of 150, 300 or 880 food items and non-food items and metals (880-item option only) you may have an intolerance against.

Health Diagnostic Lab provide a variety of simple tests for you to identify potential causes. There is also an opportunity to test your pets.

Simply send three to four strands of hair and they will do the rest.

You’ll get your results emailed to you within 72 hours, after which you’ll be able to make better food choices for your body!

Choose from:

* Core (150 items) – deal price £24.00…normally £49.00

* Elite (300 items) – deal price £29.00…normally £59.00

* Total Premium (880 items) – deal price £34.00…normally £75.00

* Pet Test (30 items) – deal price £19.00…normally £40.00

The Fine Print

  • Print off your voucher & follow instructions
  • One voucher per person
  • May buy multiples as gifts
  • Voucher valid until 19th June 2020
  • Please note this test has not been scientifically proven & should not replace genuine medical advice
  • Subject to availability
From £19.00

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