Thinking about changing your home Broadband provider @ WightFibre – Promotional Feature

  • Thinking about changing your home Broadband provider @ WightFibre – Promotional Feature

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Ultrafast Speeds at Unbeatable Prices

Where else on the Island can you get 100mbps Upload AND Download for only £22.95 or 300mbps Upload AND Download for only £27.95 on a Fuss-free

30 Day monthly rolling contract?

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At WightFibre we provide a different kind of broadband – full-fibre, ultrafast and future-proof. Our full-fibre broadband is of a ‘point to point’ design which means every connected home gets its own dedicated fibre optic connection – so no sharing with your neighbours.  This makes the Isle of Wight one of the best-connected places in the world with some of the world’s fastest broadband speeds, with upload speeds the same as download speeds.  Already over 27,000 homes on the Island can receive our different kind of broadband and this is set to rise to over 70,000 by 2022.

But we don’t stop at simply providing some of the world’s fastest broadband. As a local Isle of Wight company, we deliver the best possible customer service and all our staff work and live on the Island.  We care about our customers.

At WightFibre we care about our Island community too. Our Connected Communities Programme provides broadband and WiFi to charities, community centres, village halls, scout huts and sports clubs across the Island.  We are proud sponsors of the Isle of Wight Radio Local Heroes and Child of Wight Awards, of Sandown and Shanklin Rugby club and the new home of Newport Football Club, WightFibre Park.


What’s so different about full-fibre?

Full-fibre broadband from WightFibre uses the latest technology made from optical fibre rather than copper. WightFibre full-fibre broadband uses this fibre optic cabling all the way from the exchange into your home.

This compares to the Openreach network used by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and others, which uses fibre to the cabinet but then copper twisted pair from the cabinet to the home.


What are the benefits?

  1. Ultrafast:It means WightFibre can deliver Ultrafast speeds up to 900Mb allowing you to use more devices at the same time.
  2. Future-proof:With full-fibre we are future-proofing the island fastest broadband network allowing you to do more.
  3. More reliable:With fewer electrical components in the network Full-fibre broadband is more reliable and is not affected by the weather.
  4. Easy to install:Our expert engineers will have you up and running in no time, leaving you with ultra-fast, full-fibre broadband.



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Wightfibre launch Long Service Award

WightFibre has launched a recognition of service programme to thank employees that have been with the company for 5 years or more – a further example of WightFibre’s ‘because we care’ ethos. WightFibre is a local company and one of the largest island employers – bringing local services to local people from local staff – because we care…

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How we can help you

WightFibre are based in Cowe, and have an office full of highly trained, friendly and welcoming staff. You can dial straight through to an 01983 number, making life simpler. We can deal with your call quickly and effectively allowing you to carry on with your day, rather than waiting hours on the phone to another country and becoming frustrated.


Are you looking to upgrade broadband for your business?

There’s no escaping it: telecoms is more complicated than it needs to be. But with WightFibre, we can work it all out together to find the opportunities that allow your organisation to overcome it’s challenges and meet it’s goals.

“What are your objectives and what’s stopping you from achieving them?.” That’s the first thing we’ll ask before you become a WightFibre customer.

Where ever we go from here, know that we’ll always be there for you. In fact, with a staff of 30 based right here in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, we’re a lot closer than you think.

Whether you are seeking business broadbandbusiness telephones or other telecoms related services – we can help.



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