Wight Hypnotherapy, Newport – Weight Loss, Phobia, Panic, Anxiety and Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions – normally up to £80.00 deal price from £40.00

  • Wight Hypnotherapy, Newport


  • Choice of professional hypnotherapy sessions
  • Target the likes of phobia, stress, anxiety & panic
  • Also includes Stop Smoking sessions
  • Fully qualified hypnotherapist
  • Tailored approach
  • Find you again

About this deal

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If you would like to begin doing things differently, this is a fabulous starting point to making those changes…

Today’s deal is Choice of Weight Loss, Phobia or Stress, Panic & Anxiety or Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions @ Wight Hypnotherapy, Newport, from only £40.00

The potential healing power of the human mind cannot be underestimated. Many people carry around unresolved issues which can have an adverse effect on their lives. A course of counselling may well turn out to be the best investment you have ever made and enable you to move on and get the most out of your life.

Hypnosis works by the therapist gaining access to your subconscious mind. By using this technique, many physical and psychological conditions can be much improved.

Linda Hollick brings all her skills together and her aim is to use these skills to treat each patient as a unique individual, and to tailor her approach to therapy accordingly.

Choose from:

* Two Stop Smoking Sessions – deal price £40.00…normally £60.00

* Three Stress, Anxiety & Panic Disorder Hynotherapy Sessions – deal price £55.00…normally £80.00

Linda has extensive experience in helping people with stress & anxiety management. Anxiety attacks, burn-out, anger, obsessive thoughts & other debilitating side-effects of stress can be reduced by using relaxation techniques combined with new ways of thinking. Using therapy for stress management is an effective method of controlling the amount & levels of stress that you regularly experience. During your treatment Linda may use hypnosis to arm you with the tools to become more relaxed in a focussed way, in order that you can control & manage your stress levels. By unclogging your mind hypnotherapy filters in positive affirmations that leave you feeling more relaxed, confident & calm

* Three Weight Loss Hynotherapy Sessions – deal price £55.00…normally £80.00

How many times have you tried to lose weight? Perhaps been on different diets with some degrees of success – only to find that once the diet has stopped the weight piles back on – usually with a few more extra pounds than you originally started with. This is because when the body is put on a calorie controlled diet, it recognises that its food intake is being restricted & goes into “starvation mode” & starts to lay down fat stores. The reason for a person becoming overweight is simple – there are more calories being put in than are being burned off. People that overeat do so for a reason – this is not always easy to recognise as the reason for overeating usually lies in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy works by allowing Linda to access your subconscious mind to identify the reasons for your overeating or poor diet & help you to identify more healthy productive ways nourishing yourself. Linda will help you to identify new options & behaviours that will change your life for good

* Three Phobia Hypnotherapy Sessions – deal price £55.00…normally £80.00

Many people develop phobias as a result of a frightening experience in their lives. The Rewind technique can be used to diffuse the fear set up by the original experience

Hypnotherapy works by helping you build confidence in achieving your goals. Discover you again.

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  • Voucher is valid until 2nd April 2019 – first session must be booked by this date
  • Only one voucher per person per deal
  • Appointments are subject to availability
From £40.00

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From £40.00

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