GJG Hypnotherapy, Ryde – Choice of Hypnotherapy Sessions for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Phobias or Trauma – normally up to £160.00 deal price from £55.00

  • GJG Hypnotherapy, Ryde


  • Qualified professional hypnotherapist
  • Long expiry
  • Relaxing therapy in complete confidence
  • Stop smoking permanently
  • Eliminate phobias for good
  • Lose weight/reduce anxiety or stress/improve confidence & more
  • Regression to ascertain root causes
  • Extended expiry

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If you would like to begin doing things differently, this is a fabulous starting point to making those changes…

Today’s deal is Choice of Hypnotherapy Sessions for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Phobias or Trauma & More @ GJG Hypnotherapy, Ryde, from only £55.00

Maybe you don’t think you’re the kind of person who would consider hypnotherapy? Perhaps you don’t think you’re ‘hypnotisable’?

The good news is, almost everyone can be hypnotised. And in fact, hypnosis is present in any activity where time “seems to fly”.

Have you ever driven a familiar route to find that on arrival at your destination you have little or no recollection of your journey? That’s hypnosis!

Do you ever ‘lose yourself’ in the bath or ‘switch off’ whilst listening to music? That’s hypnosis!

Some people go into trance whilst exercising at the gym, jogging long distances or dancing the night away. That’s hypnosis!

Your therapist simply guides you into a deep state of relaxation enabling your conscious mind to relax, and she then speaks to your subconscious mind with positive suggestions for changing bad habits or negative beliefs. It’s that simple!

Gwen Glover runs GJG Hypnotherapy. She is fully insured and a member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.

In her comfortable private practice at her home near the seafront in Ryde, Gwen can help with a number of concerns.

Choose from:

* Stop Smoking in Two Sessions – deal price £59.00…normally £100.00

A new technique in how to stop anyone smoking in as little as two sessions

* Four Sessions to Help Lose Weight, Relieve Anxiety or Stress, Improve Self-Esteem, Cure Bad Habits or More – deal price £109.00…normally £160.00

Hypnotherapy works by allowing Gwen to access your subconscious mind to identify the reasons for your overeating or poor diet or stress or bad habits & help you to identify more healthy productive ways going forward. Gwen will help you to identify new options & behaviours that will change your life for good

It takes between four-six sessions of hypnotherapy to see real benefit to people trying to lose weight, relieve anxiety and/or stress, improve self-esteem or cure bad habits

* The Rewind Technique in Two Sessions for People with Phobias, PTSD & Trauma – deal price £55.00…normally £80.00

Many people develop phobias as a result of a frightening experience in their lives

Gwen is qualified in The Rewind Technique from the Human Givens Institute, which has been successful in ridding people of phobias, PTSD & trauma in just two sessions with a follow-up to check progress & reassure

All sessions last a minimum of one hour.

Hypnotherapy works by enabling you to communicate with your subconscious mind to allow you to re-write your story. Discover the Real You again.

The Fine Print

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  • Print off your voucher & follow instructions to book
  • Voucher valid until 30th September 2020
  • Hypnotherapy sessions are not for pregnant women in the first trimester, people with epilepsy, people under 18, people with a diagnosed psychosis or depression, people with very low blood pressure
  • Each session lasts approximately one hour
From £55.00

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