Naturezones, Blackwater – Choice of Seed Packets with Growing Instructions including Postage – normally £11.00 deal price £6.00

  • Naturezones, Blackwater


  • Choice of seeds packets from Naturezones
  • Add colour to your garden
  • Includes growing instructions
  • Includes Royal Mail postage
  • Watch the birds, bees & butterflies
  • Help support the 10-acre nature reserve & education centre
  • Help preserve our Island
  • Perfect gift for people who love the great outdoors & natural history
  • Very limited availability

About this deal

* choose your option from dropdown menu – limited supply of each seed packet *

Autumn and Winter is a great time to be planting wild flower seeds.

Learn how you can help preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our amazing Island all year round without even leaving your own garden…

Today’s deal is Choice of Seed Packets with Growing Instructions including Postage & Delivery @ Naturezones, Blackwater, for only £6.00 each

Naturezones is a Wildlife Education Centre and 10-acre Nature Reserve at Blackwater – just off the Newport / Cowes / Sandown cycle track.

Naturezones is a field study centre – a place where wildlife enthusiasts can get real close to nature in a safe environment.

Bring bug pots, camera’s and magnifiers. Count the dragonflies, butterflies, crickets, toads, newts and numerous species of wild flowers.

Have fun pond dipping, do a nature quiz to win a wise owl badge or just relax in one of our quiet zones.

Now you can create your own nature zone in your own back garden.

We have teamed up with them to offer you a choice of Seed Packets which come with growing instructions and also include Royal Mail postage for just £6.00 each…normally £11.00

Choose from:

The Cornflower Mixture & Yellow Rattle are annuals & will flower this season, the others are perennials & some will take a while to germinate but need to be sown when you receive

  • Cornfield Mixture Annuals
  • Yellow Rattle
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • General Wildflower Mixture
  • Wildflower Mix for Clay Soil
  • Cornflower
  • Wild Marjoram
  • Meadow Sweet
  • Lady’s Bedstraw

Naturezones is dedicated to helping people to help the planet. Looking after and enhancing the natural environment is good for a healthy planet and a therefore a healthy body.

By purchasing these seeds you will be supporting their work, aims and objectives and helping others to learn about the Island’s very special natural environment.

Attract the birds, bees and butterflies to your garden while playing a vital role in protecting our Island’s natural environment.

The Fine Print

  • Choose your option from dropdown menu
  • Print off your voucher & follow instructions
  • Seeds will be sent to your registered TPIW address
  • May purchase multiples

Seed Packets

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