The Luxe Clinic, Freshwater – Choice of Skin Booster, Fat Freezing, Powersculpt, Ear Checks, Lip Filler, Laser Hair Removal or Massage – normally up to £200.00 deal price from £35.00

  • The Luxe Clinic, Freshwater


  • Choice of beauty & aesthetic treatments
  • Professional treatments & therapists
  • Includes likes of Lip Filler, Laser Hair Removal, Fat Freezing & Ten Point Facelift
  • Or choose Ear Health Checks or Hot Stone Massage
  • Finest products used
  • Turn back time
  • Tone up
  • Hi-tech machines
  • Focus on you
  • Aesthetics specialists

About this deal

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Escape for some much-needed me time…

Today’s deal is Choice of Skin Booster, Fat Freezing, Powersculpt, Ear Health Checks, Signature Lip Filler, Laser Hair Removal or Hot Stone Massage @ The Luxe Clinic, Freshwater, from only £35.00

The Luxe Clinic offers a wide range of fabulous aesthetic, beauty and holistic treatments.

Their first class treatments are tailored to each individual and provide a relaxing ambiance whilst you enjoy being pampered and indulged.

Owner Chelsea has over 15 years experience in the industry. She specialising in aesthetics as her passion has always been skincare.

Chelsea and her team aim to provide you with a truly personal, exclusive, yet affordable service.

The Luxe Clinic are experts at what they do, but knowing the best techniques is only part of the process. They also aim to make you feel great.

They pride themselves on making each and every treatment personalised and tailored, just for you.

From the moment you walk in the door, the focus is completely on you.

We are delighted to be working with The Luxe Clinic once again on TPIW.

Choose from:

* Skin Booster Ten Point Facelift with Chelsea – deal price £150.00…normally £175.00

Chelsea will use Infini or a similar brand based on your discussions during an initial consultation

This treatment provides long lasting hydration & rapidly improving hydration levels within the skin

Revitrane HA20 works by simultaneously stimulating the production of new collagen & elastin to lift, rejuvenate, provide hydration & give you your radiant healthy glow back

Two sessions are recommended 28 days apart for best results

* One Session of PowerSculpt with Chloe – deal price £35.00…normally £75.00

The 3D Powersculpt will sculpt the body to the equivalent of the you doing 20,000 crunches or squats

It burns fat & tones muscle in just 30 minutes & you will start to see results within just two weeks

A course of eight sessions is recommended for maximum results. Sessions are recommended to be taken once or twice weekly

* Ear Health Check for Both Ears – deal price £35.00…normally £40.00

Your ear health check will include video & photo footage of the ear using gold standard, state of the art, worlds first three in one device

* Ear Health Check with Wax Removal for Both Ears – deal price £60.00…normally £70.00

* 1.1ml Lip Filler – deal price £150.00…normally £175.00

* Three Sessions Diode Laser Hair Removal for Lip or Chin – deal price £55.00…normally £75.00

* Three Sessions Diode Laser Hair Removal for Underarms – deal price £75.00…normally £100.00

* Three Sessions Diode Laser Hair Removal for Bikini – deal price £99.00…normally £125.00

* Fat Freezing for Large Area – deal price £130.00…normally £200.00

This package is perfect for an area such as tummy, arms, legs or back

* Fat Freezing for Medium Area – deal price £100.00…normally £150.00

* Fat Freezing for Chin Area – deal price £50.00…normally £100.00

Human fat freezes from -1°C while the professional Cryolipolysis handpiece used at The Luxe Clinic reaches from 0°C to -10°C

The vacuum in the hand piece pulls the pocket of fat into the head & the plates inside the head freeze the area down to the selected temperature.

⁣Subcutaneous fat cells are more vulnerable to the effects of the cold than other surrounding tissue.

⁣When fat cells are exposed to a precise cooling below body temperature, they undergo crystallisation & localised cell death (apoptosis)

Using the unique combination of electro & cryotherapy, 20-40% of the fat cells in the area being treated die naturally & dissolve over the course of several months⁣

⁣These damaged fat cells in the treated area are then gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process

* 45-Minutes Hot Stones Massage with Chloe – deal price £38.00…normally £50.00

* 75-Minutes Hot Stones Massage with Chloe – deal price £49.00…normally £65.00

Take a step back from the bustle of everyday life at The Luxe Clinic.

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  • Minimum 72 hours cancellation notice required or you risk forfeiting your voucher
From £35.00

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