The Tomato Stall, Arreton – Box of The Tomato Stall Goodies delivered direct to your door – deal price from £18.00

  • The Tomato Stall, Arreton – Box of The Tomato Stall Goodies delivered direct to your door – deal price from £18.00


  • The Tomato Stall Goodie Box
  • Delivered direct to your door
  • Box brimming with Island produce
  • Tomatoes loved by top chefs & restaurants
  • Taste the difference – sunshine in a box
  • Perfect in salads or range of dishes
  • Bursting with flavour
  • Lovely gift idea

About this deal

How would you love a box bursting with sunshine and taste delivered direct to your door?

Today’s deal is Box of The Tomato Stall Goodies delivered direct to your door @ The Tomato Stall, Arreton, from only £18.00

Tomatoes have been growing in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley for over 30 years.

The Island’s unique maritime climate and southern location means we enjoy some of the best sunshine levels in the UK, helping grow some of Britain’s tastiest tomatoes.

The Tomato Stall launched in 2007 with an aim of re-kindling our love of this salad staple.

Brits had become used to a tomato that was round, boring and most of all, tasteless.

The Tomato Stall realised we all longed for the taste of days gone by; of picking them for yourself in Grandpa’s greenhouse or savouring memories of the taste of the Mediterranean on holiday.

From their 60-acre estate in the Arreton Valley, with rich, fertile soil, and the most hours of sunshine anywhere in the UK, they began our quest to grow the finest varieties that were full of flavour.

They started taking their fabulous fruits to a handful of farmer’s markets in and around London, picked when perfectly ripe and delivered just hours later.

Word soon spread, and before long, The Tomato Stall became well known among chefs and foodies across the nation for their great-tasting produce.

The Isle of Wight Tomatoes name is now a mark of quality and assurance that your tastebuds will appreciate your choice.

All tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine and picked at their peak of flavour, reaching you bursting with freshness and naturally sweet.

From juicy beef varieties to delightful golden plums, The Tomato Stall pride themselves in bringing you the most unique selection of tomatoes, with the finest quality & fullest flavours.

We are thrilled to be working with The Tomato Stall again, with the aim of bringing the finest Island produce direct to your door.

This goodie box features:

  • 1.5kg Pick & Mix IOW Tomatoes
  • One Jar of Pure IOW Tomato Passata
  • Two IOW Sweet Pointed Peppers
  • One 200g Oak Smoked Plum Tomatoes
  • 200ml Pure IOW Tomato Juice

The Tomato Stall use natural predators to control pests, and the pollination of all their plants is done by a team of bumblebees that are native to the UK. They also carry the LEAF mark which works with farms to ensure that food is grown sustainably with care for the environment.

Supporting local has never been more important, so ketchup and order your tomatoes now.

The Fine Print

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  • All information will be printed on your voucher
  • Goodie Box will be delivered direct to your door
  • Your box will be delivered within seven working days
From £18.00

Tomato Stall Goodies

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