Covid Killing X Mist Ultimate All Round Sanitiser Spray delivered to your door – from only £7.99 plus postage

  • Covid Killing X Mist Ultimate All Round Sanitiser Spray delivered to your door – from only £7.99 plus postage


  • Compact sanitiser deodorising spray
  • X-Mist fully tested, approved & certified to kill Coronavirus
  • Eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria
  • Disinfects places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach
  • Kills 99% of germs including those responsible for colds, flu, staph infections & MRSA for a healthier environment
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Remains active for up to seven days
  • Fast-drying skin-friendly formula
  • Fully tested to British Standards
  • Destroys bad bacteria & odour
  • Calming tea tree fragrance

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Get Winter ready and keep yourself protected…

Today’s deal is X-Mist Ultimate All-Round Essential Sanitiser Spray delivered direct to your door, from only £7.99 plus postage

With the recent news that the Coronavirus will be here for some months, there has never been a more critical time to tackle cross-contamination.

X-Mist Ultimate All-Round – is a new, compact aerosol spray that’s perfect for all environments and ideal for people who are constantly on the go and need to protect themselves – and others – from harmful viruses and germs.

This multi-use sanitiser – with a calming tea tree fragrance – is up to 99.999% effective and will help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

A single doorknob could potentially be the cause of a widespread illness in the home or workplace.

In fact, new research has shown that within two to four hours, virus and germs lurking on a doorknob were picked up by 40-60% of people who touched it.

Viruses and germs are lurking everywhere, from your shopping trolley or basket handle to the counter and checkout.

Using a highly effective sanitiser reduces microbial counts that could infect you, your family or co-workers – not just with Coronavirus, but with many other germs and viruses.

In order to keep yourself and your home safe, plus, ensure your workplace is a healthy and thriving environment, it’s critical that you consider the health of everyone around you.

Use X-Mist Ultimate All-Round Sanitiser to bring increased confidence at your workplace and help staff feel reassured and confident that you are doing all you can to protect everyone from potentially life-threatening viruses.

Benefits include:

  • High-quality formulation contains up to 90% active ingredients to kill harmful germs & viruses
  • Sanitise surfaces including door handles, handrails, desks, keyboards, screens & more
  • Shop with confidence knowing your trolley or basket handle is hygienic & safe
  • Use in vehicles to keep steering wheels, gear sticks & other touchpoints sanitised
  • Softening ingredients are gentle on the skin & ensure hands are clean, healthy & germ-free

Choose from:

  • One Can of X-Mist – deal price £7.99 plus postage
  • Two Cans of X-Mist – deal price £14.99 plus postage
  • Five Cans of X-Mist – deal price £33.99 plus postage
  • Ten Cans of X-Mist – deal price £57.99 plus postage
  • Twenty Cans of X-Mist – deal price £110.00 plus postage
  • Fifty Cans of X-Mist – deal price £250.00 plus postage
  • Two Cans of X-Mist plus One Can of X-Mist Room Atmospheric Sanitiser – deal price £25.00 plus postage

Postage is just £2.99 for Island delivery or £4.99 for Mainland delivery

X-Mist, your personal sanitiser you can take wherever you go.

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  • No need to do anything – product will be delivered direct to your door within seven working days of purchase
  • May purchase multiples
  • Island delivery is £2.99 or Mainland delivery is £4.99
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X-Mist Ultimate Spray

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