The Price is Wight Charity of the Year

St Catherine's

At The Price Is Wight we are proud to support the community in which we live and work, so we are delighted to launch our Charity of the Year initiative. Throughout this year we will be partnering with St Catherine’s, who offer specialist care, education and therapy to young people with speech, language and communication needs.

Whenever you purchase a deal from TPIW you will now have the option to make a small donation to St Catherine’s. Your donation will help ensure St Catherine’s can create a positive environment in which young people can reach their potential.

St Catherine's School

St Catherine’s School is approved by the Department for Education (DfE) as a non-maintained residential special school for the education of students between the ages of seven and 19 years who have speech, language and communication needs.

The current main school supports students from 9 to 16 years. For details of their sixth form (16 to 19 years) please refer to their Sixth Form Centre.

St Catherine's Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Form Centre caters for students between the ages of 16 and 19 years who have speech, language and communication needs.

Our aim is to provide learners with the opportunity to:

  • improve their communicative ability;
  • strengthen their learning skills;
  • raise their literacy and numeracy competences;
  • enjoy a variety of work or vocational experiences; and
  • grow in personal and social maturity.


The therapy department consists of speech and language therapists, speech and language therapy assistants, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. The therapy team is an integral part of life at St Catherine’s – working throughout the school, sixth form centre and within the context of the residential houses.